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Bonus #1: 3 Day Tinnitus Meal Plan

Have you ever noticed that some days your tinnitus seems to worsen for no reason?

Did you pause to think about what you ate recently?

Maintaining a very good diet is critical in the management and lowering of tinnitus sounds.

Many foods affect tinnitus, both positively and negatively, and it is important to understand which foods to avoid and which ones to consume.

The incredibly effective 3 day meal plan will enable you to relieve your tinnitus symptoms fast.

Small and easy changes to your diet can be very effective in combatting tinnitus.

The 3 Day Tinnitus Meal Plan contains healthy antioxidants and protein that will not only help relieve your tinnitus symptoms but also provide you with more energy throughout the day.

Commit yourself for 3 days to this meal plan and effectively reduce your tinnitus symptoms.

Bonus #2: Tinnitus Diet

Find out what foods to eat and what foods that will make your tinnitus symptoms worse that you really need to avoid starting today.

With the Tinnitus Diet guide not only will you be able to avoid the foods that make your tinnitus symptoms worse, you'll be providing your body with the right foods that will help relieve your tinnitus symptoms and help your body become healthy again.

With this comprehensive Tinnitus Diet guide you’ll never be left wondering if the worsening of your tinnitus symptoms are caused by the food you ate during the day.

You’ll learn the exact foods you need to avoid and the foods you really need to consume more of right away to help relieve your tinnitus symptoms.

Bonus #3: Tinnitus Workbook

In this must have step-by-step Tinnitus Workbook, you’ll find everything you need to know about tinnitus and the step-by-step easy to follow techniques to help heal your tinnitus today.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn inside the Tinnitus Workbook:

- How to develop a personal sound plan

- Better breathing techniques

- Relaxation through imagery technique

- How to protect your ears

And much more…

This workbook is a must have for every tinnitus sufferer out there, it’s filled with effective advice and methods you can start using today to help heal your tinnitus.

Bonus #4: Tinnitus Stress Relief

It’s common for tinnitus to start at times of high stress or after a period of stress.

When you stress and worry too much it stresses the body, which can cause your tinnitus to persist.

Not only can this cause your tinnitus to get worse or hearing loss over time, it can cause sudden hearing loss.

When hearing loss is a sudden or instant reaction to stress it's often reversible with a reduction in stress.

With the Stress Relief Secrets guide you'll be able to balance your body to become free from stress for good.

Bonus #5: Sleep Secrets

Research shows those suffering from tinnitus see a worsening of their tinnitus when they don’t sleep well.

Doctors have studied the issue and they found not getting enough sleep, insomnia or poor sleep, makes the ringing in the ears even worse.

When patients with tinnitus were treated for their sleep issues, they say the tinnitus got better.

Discover the simple, natural and safe techniques to cure your insomnia and start living life full of happiness and energy.

Bonus #6: Get Rid of Depression

Learn how to counteract the depression that sometimes comes with dealing with pain and stress for long periods of time.

Being depressed for longer periods of time may cause your tinnitus symptoms to get worse.

Scientific research suggests that what initially appears to be an irreversible otologic disability in patients with tinnitus may be in large part a reversible psychiatric disability.

The worst thing you can do when you have tinnitus is to focus on it in a negative way.

If you give it tons of attention and form negative reactions to it, you will hear it more often.

The Get Rid of Depression guide will help with the negative feelings associated with tinnitus.

Bonus #7: Help Friends & Family With Tinnitus

If you have someone you love and care for suffering from tinnitus it’s important to know how to best help them.

Those that don’t suffer from tinnitus can’t even imagine how it feels to live with tinnitus day after day.

The quality of life is severely worsened which in turn can cause higher stress levels, a more negative outlook on life and even depression.

This guide is for those of you that don’t have tinnitus but really want to be there for a loved one currently suffering from tinnitus.

How To Help Friends and Family With Tinnitus is a must have guide if someone you care for is currently suffering from tinnitus.

Order Tinnitus Secrets and
The 7 Free Bonuses Today

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